Temporarily Displaced

Temporary via Daily Prompt: Temporary This morning I was late. Being late in itself is bad, but its worse when the job is new. I felt helpless, temporarily displaced in a familiar place. After failed attempts to hail a cab, I started walking. Google map estimated I would have arrived within 1 hour and 15…


Bitter via Daily Prompt: Bitter She was bitter and had every right to be. So she took to social media and aired everything. To get sympathy, understanding, release and revenge; because someone was sure to be on. It felt good! – ‘not until I’m dead’, ‘one and only’, ‘’swifey’ – so many were tuned in….


Lifestyle via Daily Prompt: Lifestyle So many reasons to walk away, to stay, to end the dream, the sham, young love; but it came down to cunnilingus. The experience, the thrill, the arch, the muscle spasms, nails digging so deep they store DNA, the waterfall sweat, the urge to splash, to split, to scream, sent…

These three words

3LINETALES, 3LT, THREE LINE TALES   As they laid upon the cross, in pain and utter anguish. Their thoughts and hearts all anger gone, instead for love they languished. On that day he changed their fate and through death, life flourished.   Acknowledgements:- Thank you Sonya for the prompt.  You’ll find full guidelines on the TLT page – here’s…

The Accident

Panicked via Daily Prompt: Panicked He panicked, driving the car over the ankle of his passenger as she exited the vehicle. Screaming in agony, she begged him to stop. By then it was too late, an ankle was broken, bones shattered like glass.  A crowd gathered; talking, laughing, looking and taking pictures. He needed help….


Sweet broad smile and wide glass eyes, shed light upon it’s beauty. Shiny skin, flapping fin, tail and scales both gliding. Gasping for air eyes black with fear, fish on the shore now dying.


Nipples out, pants fall down, a rush to pull the laces. Bodies rubbing on the ground, as sweaty palms dry faces.   Drunken eyes and kissing lips, confuse the real emotions. While tempting tongues starts swinging hips, and puts the play in motion.   I love you, do you love me? Just bend a little…

Summer Time

Bags packed: three nighties, fifteen panties, ten set of yard clothes, eight church dresses, one pair church socks, one white stocking, one black church shoes. Two slippers one for the yard, one for going out. Six days good clothes for vacation bible school. Toothbrush, one rag, one towel, two plastic combs, one small Dax hair…


Switch me on, switch me off, screw me in, screw me out. Break my head, sweep the glass, go ahead replace me fast. New one in, bright as day, come to take the night away.