Good Morning

via Daily Prompt: Qualm


On my drop-off at school every day,

I notice the teacher has nothing to say

to my good mornings or have a good day.

I wonder if I’m not pleasant enough?

Or if my greeting comes off too gruff?


One day I went in a little too much,

and by her reaction I was totally crushed.

I shouted good morning loud and clear,

a little too loud, but everyone could hear.

With a frown and a smirk she just walked away.


I continue every morning to say –

‘Good morning teacher, have a good day!’

But still no response since the start of the school year.


Sometimes I pretend that I don’t even care,

when to other parents I can clearly hear –

‘Good morning, good morning and how are you today?’


It’s almost June and the school year ends soon,

So even though she ignores me

and sometimes the feeling gores me,

I have no qualms when I tell Miss Fell –

‘Good morning, Good morning!’ (until the school year ends).


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  1. Laura says:

    This is a good one. I taught and worked with Head Start and Pre-K classes. There was one particular teacher who refused to speak to me. I knew I had not done anything, at least, not to my knowledge…to upset her. I didn’t even know her. She never gave me a chance. But from day one, she refused to speak or return a “hello” or “good morning” in my direction.
    By the middle of the school year, I decided to ask her if I had done anything to upset her and she replied “no..” so I continued to kill her with kindness and praised her talents. By the end of the year, she was speaking… Barely, but was speaking.
    I eventually moved out of state and said my goodbyes. She was a Facebook friend but I eventually deleted her. I didn’t need a friend like that. 🙂

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    1. MelC876 says:

      I though about asking this teacher but decided against it in the best interest of my child.

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      1. Laura says:

        I agree! But you did the right thing. I know some teachers seem to be “stuck up” to parents and other teachers and not quite sure where it comes from. I just chalk it up to being insecure and move on. LOL

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  2. You are a very nice person and she is rude. You are doing the right thing. Perhaps she can only relate to children and is uncomfortable interacting with adults. This is extreme. I hope she’s a good teacher. Perhaps her feeling is if she acknowledges one parent she will have to do it with all. Some taking too much time away from her classroom time.

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