Cleaning Day

Use this key to enter.

You will only be paid for one hour.

The list is on the counter.


Today’s duties:

Clean the dishwasher and wash the dishes by hand.

Dry dishes and pack them away.

Clean inside and outside the toaster oven and microwave.

Scrub inside and outside of the toilets.

Bend on your knees to get behind the toilet.

Wipe the tiles on the wall; first with a wet cloth, then with a dry.

First dust, then polish, brass and furniture.

Use stainless steel cleaner on stainless steel only.

Use Windex for mirrors and glass.

Water the plants and wipe the leaves.

Lift items when dusting.

Clean and arrange inside the refrigerator.

Wipe the floor and the counters (not with the same cloth).

Vacuum rugs in one direction.

Do not use vacuum on the floor.

Empty and clean vacuum when finished.

Sweep the floor with the broom.

Wipe floor with cleaning solution after sweeping.

Use a clean mop to shine the floor after wiping.

Dust items hanging on the walls.

Remove items from dryer, iron and fold them.

Wash and dry cleaning cloths by hand after use.

Separate garbage and take it with you.

If you need to use the bathroom, go down to the basement and use the one in the maintenance room.


Have a great week. 🙂






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