Always the person who said, – ‘that will never happen to me.’

I will never be used. Me? – never.

I will never get pregnant outside of marriage. – Never, no way.

I will never perm my hair, I will never go back to him.

I will never listen to the sob stories, I will never call his phone, I will never kill, I will never tell a lie. I will never eat another piece of pork. I will never pass 125 lbs, I will never hurt you, I will never leave, I will never be in an abusive relationship…

I wish you were listening.

Not only were you in an abusive relationship, you stayed for a very long time. It started as mental abuse, graduated to verbal and the scarring on the back of your left pupil is where it ended. You left and came back many times, sometimes being dragged like ‘Nettie in the Color Purple.’

You hurt almost everyone and everything that you connected with. Lets face it, you did not understand Paul when he wrote, ‘Love is patient, love is kind…’

Sweet girl, you have plumped up to the ripe old weight of 200, most of it in your thighs. If it was the fat of the pork, you swore not to eat; then promise made promise kept, because you only eat the lean.

The lies are too much to count, but that I understand; because a person who cannot love knows no truth. The cactus plant died suddenly under your care and they can survive for many, many years.

I hope this is not too hard for you to hear; you called that phone for several days; even after he made her say – you are really a desperate woman with no shame.

Many persons came with their sob stories; and I sometimes wonder, how a person who cannot love demonstrates so much care; one time you loaned out your rent…you’re a hot mess.

Sorry to break it to you, but the long, think, kinky mane that you cherished is now straight, thin and balding under the care of Dark&Lovely.

Never say never, is always best, two live births and the donors are no longer in the nest.






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