Someday Isle

via Daily Prompt: Someday

Living on Someday Isle for the past 16 years, I have always said that someday I will move.

Someday I will go back to school and upgrade my qualifications; someday I am going to start reading some good books and start writing too, someday I will learn another language and someday I want to be an everyday learner.

Someday I will pay off all my debts and spend only on items I need and can afford. Someday I will be able to pay my daughters college tuition, finally own a home and a car.

Someday I will start exercising to lose the excess fat that has now gripped my massive thighs and legs; someday I will change my diet cutting out all the bacon, chocolate and milkshakes that someday might give me a heart attack.

Someday I am going to apologize to all the people I hurt and disrespected, hoping that somehow, someday, all the fences I damaged and bridges burnt can be mended or rebuilt.

Someday I am going to write down the goals in my head and actually take steps to achieve them. Someday I am going to be great and do great things.

Someday I am going to leave my past behind, erasing completely all the negative thoughts that drown me every day. Someday I will tell myself that you are strong because you survived what should have killed you.

Someday I am going to take control of my life; I am going to smile with each waking day, thanking the heavens for the gift of life. Someday I am going to breathe each breath with unending gratitude, stop to smell the blooming flowers, open my mouth to catch a taste of the summer rains, hold on to the freshly fallen snow for as long as my swiveled hand will allow and someday I am going to love the feel of dirt on my dust filled hands.

Someday I am going to travel the world, I will see the animals roaming the African safari, stand erect beside the guards outside Buckingham Palace, Instagram myself clicking heels in front of the Sydney Australia Opera House, someday I am going to go snorkeling and swimming with fishes in Hawaii, drink all types of tea in Japan, take a cruise and stand with outstretched arms singing my heart will go on.

Someday I will find someone who loves all of me and I will love back.

I collected debris, gasoline and matches; today I am burning flat Someday Isle. Someday has held me back long enough and I am ready to live the dreams of someday now.



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  1. lorieb says:

    we have all lived on Someday Isle at one point in our lives, some just longer than others

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