via Daily Prompt: Flee

Today is the day I will flee, reclaiming all the things I took from me.

Starting today I take back the years, I unselfishly gave away.

No more walking with head hanging down,

As of today, that head is in the clouds.


Memories of things past will be my guide,

And no longer a prisoner to the things I hide.

Happy am I to be fleeing into the unknown,

A little bit timid, but with a whole lot of bold.


I envision the return of that pure and genuine smile,

And the hearty laugh that spring tears for a while.


Running to the girl whose spirit kept the flame,

causing friends to draw near to the comforting blaze.

Running with the grandest plans and strong belief,

That the promised prosperity is also for me.


Today I am leaving behind that which I have done and cannot change,

Because tonight breaks way for tomorrow and in it I get a new page.




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  1. lorieb says:

    beautiful words!

    Liked by 1 person

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