Eulogy for the late King Aubrey, conceived August 27, 2006 murdered September 14, 2006.

King Aubrey was the product of Dan Aubree and Tami Brown, formed through the lust of secret lovers who had built a relationship on love, pain, passion and lies.

He must have been very happy and the knowledge of a new life made her glow. He filled her dreams. At first they were all happy; the kind of dreams that rights a sin, the kind that questions the whole notion of wrong vs. right.

For the 15 days that King existed Tami saw him teething, mouth drooling as he suffered in agony trying to burst his first tooth, he took his first step before he was one year old and spoke shortly after. He was the most beautiful baby anyone had ever seen; as if the scarlet letter that Tami wore made him pure and white as snow. For 15 days he was a happy child.

Tami was filled with the overflowing joy that needed to be shared with Dan. If loving him was wrong King’s creation made it right. Tami introduced Dan to King on day 16; and King knew immediately that he would die.

Dan knew King.

King was evidence. King was the product of lust, manifested into a beautiful being; a result of selfishness and the painful partnership of two souls who were not allowed to love. The pain and suffering of a wife and small children were now remembered by Dan.

King became the object of shame, pain and hate. On September 14, 2006 only 18 days conceived, King was murdered and laid to rest.

An object of shame no more.

May his soul, rest in peace.






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