Dear Mr. Miller,

We stayed here, when no one wanted to move here and this is how you treat us!

You didn’t believe that this place would change and for so many years you just left us. We fixed everything, but you always came for the rent. Do you remember when the movie theatre was the best thing we had, until the boys from 21st turned it into their drug base, shooting up the building on opening night?

What about the days when revelers partied until the sun came up and it seemed as if this area had no laws; so half dressed females with their drunken men, would hail dollars cabs with old women and their grandchildren headed to Sunday school; and no eyebrows were raised because that was the norm.

Now, after all these years of accepting; six months ago you started rejecting the checks that were always late.

Your building is now prime real estate, close to the train and the park . $2300.00 in Manhattan, you are renting for $1700.00, the area is being gentrified- it’s a good thing, the schools will get better, new businesses and more community development.

So, after 15 years of not needing a key to enter the building, you have not only fixed the lock but you changed the door. Yesterday I walked right by, because I didn’t recognize my own home. The cage that once offered no protection is now replaced with glass; so clean and clear. The concrete jungle that surrounded the building has been replaced with artificial evergreen grass.

Mr. Miller, we stayed here when no one wanted to move here, now you want me out.





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