Sincerely Yours

via Daily Prompt: Sincere

Dear Heart,

I believed, wholeheartedly, that this was right; and so I loved, I gave, I drained my own strength and went against everyone trying to prove my sincerity to you.

Sincere in a love that germinated out of transgression and grew into a weeping willow; fictitiously proud, only to protect the reproduction whose creation and existence is forever connected to love, shame and counterfeit sincerity.

Through sincere giving the spirit was lost, and for 13 years I watched hopelessly, wishing wrong things right; walking blindly on the doomed tight-right, sincerely believing that the fall would be broken.

Today, 13 years later; 13 years of tears filled with loving fear, 13, 13 years of friends sincerely guiding, coaching and begging us; to stop, to change, to listen and to sincerely love ourselves.

Today I am no longer alive and I genuinely want ME back.





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